Message,Corporate Philophy

President  Hajime Tamura  As you know, the truck transportation industry has been a lifeline to Japan with its ability to deliver a tremendously large variety of goods, while continuing to evolve by adapting to the demands of changing times. We, at Hamana Works Co., Ltd., with almost 60 years of experience in assembling truck bodies and trailers, can testify that the diversification of loads can be a real challenge. While we sometimes learned the hard way, our numerous experiences have made us the recognized truck body maker we are today, with an outstanding know-how in low volume, highly customized manufacturing, all while emphasizing a devotion to customer satisfaction.
We believe the most important reason for our success has been our corporate philosophy of “Constantly delivering valuable products and services to our Customer...”. In order to deliver the utmost quality and ease of operation of our truck bodies, we have gathered feedback and various opinions, not only from our customers, but also from seasoned drivers. Using this valuable knowledge, we are able to design and build products that best fill the needs of our customers. By making the most of the field experience accumulated within our specialized factory, our support team can provide a total commitment to analyze and fulfill requests in a simple and timely manner. We take pride by guaranteeing our customer's peace of mind. We believe that this philosophy is one of our biggest distincions, one which invariably gains us the trust of our customers.
Meanwhile, as a result of our continuous efforts to integrate new concepts into our products, as demonstrated by major innovations such as independent suspensions and disc brakes for large trailers, we are now the undisputed premier car hauler manufacturer in Japan. As an application of the “Special Zones for Structural Reform”, we are presently pursuing the development of a 21 meter long car carrier, which will contribute to the preservation of the global environment, as well as reducing transportation costs. We strongly believe this product will be a benefit to many of our customers.
Having competed in the truck and trailer industry for many years, we know that it is tough, but also rewarding. The dedication of all our employees, and the pride they take in their work, has led our customers to overwhelmingly choose us as their preferred equipment supplier. We will continue to work hard at maintaining these long-term relationships. This is the way I want to pursue my dream.

HAMANA WORKS is fortunate to be located in a beautiful natural environment, where we work hard to be a company to serve worldwide and to give dreams and hopes to the next generation.
Having the clear water of the Tenryu River and abundant forests near the site of the company, we enjoy working in the best of environments, namely, a large well-lit factory, clean design rooms, and a very spacious chassis yard. We set up targets not only for manufacturing, but also for improvement of the environment, and endeavor for achievement of such targets and the production of top quality products.