“The MONSTER HAMIC” offering maximum capacity & full features.


Conventional trailer  Hamana center axle trailer

The center axle type trailer made by Hamana Works has a drastically increased load bed space thanks to shrinking the coupling space by 60 centimeters. The full tractor differs from conventional types in that in order to maintain the space of a full size vehicle, the design permits no wasted space even when driving with just the tractor. Using along with trailers having the capacity of a mid-size vehicle allows flexible response to changes in freight loads.


The full line of features does not stop with just obtaining maximum space. By eliminating the dolly and integrating the draw bar into the frame we obtained the same easy operability of a semi-trailer by making the coupling a full tractor 1 section rear overhang. This means that backing up, taking curves, parking spaces and parallel parking no longer take the diligent work they used to require. Driving stability is improved by means of an air suspension and collapsing load beds are no longer such a big worry. The full trailer coupled length of 19 meters can be freely set to match the rate of tractor to trailer and the configuration. Flexible design and manufacture allows setting of 1:1 or 3:2 per stacking load and transport ratios.
A hybrid of center axle type full trailer and Hamic --- the result is the Monster Hamic : delivering a great combination of maximum space and full features.